Trash it With Us is comprised of three shareholders who strive to provide a customer service experience second to none.

Dan Picca

The Main Guy

Dan has been a shareholder of Trash it With Us for five years and has had a huge hand in building the company into what it is today. Dan is the guy who answers the phone, shows up to meet clients, and then works to get the job done. Dan juggles a lot and is a good time manager, always leaving time for his three daughters.

Don't let the tattoos fool you, he's not that tough.

Mike Trunzo

The Pretty Boy

Mike is a newer shareholder of Trash it With Us and has been working with the company for roughly a year. Mike works hard to get home to his new baby boy at the end of the day. He is motivated and isn't afraid to sweat or get dirty to get the job done.

That being said, he always has an extra t-shirt on hand to change into and somehow keeps his hair pristine throughout the day.

garvin pinette

The Muscle

Garvin has been working with Trash it With Us for a year and recently became a shareholder. Garvin has a strong work ethic and gets called in to do the heavy lifting. He enjoys working alongside his friends who he pokes fun at occasionally.

Don't be deceived by his tough guy image... he has two daughters at home and is a big softie. Just ask to see his freshly painted nails.

We make every effort to keep as much out of the landfill as possible, donating what we can, and recycling metals, e-waste, and hazardous materials in environmentally friendly ways.