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We will remove pretty much anything. We will take it all; from construction and renovation debris to that old couch you just can't give away!



Do you have unwanted items, construction debris, or yard waste but can't or don't have time to get to the dump?

Property Management Services

Do you have large trash items that have been left on your property? Have you had a tenant abandon their apartment or suite and need it cleared out asap?

Weekend Trailer Rentals

Are you completing a renovation or yard clean up and need a dump trailer to hold all your debris?

Text, email, or call us to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Accepting cash, cheque, e-transfer, and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard)

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Basic Pickups

Half Dump Trailer

We have dump trailers to accommodate larger loads.

(12' x 7' x 2') – 168 cubic feet


Full Dump Trailer

Do you have a large amount of construction debris to get rid of?

(12' x 7' x 4') – 336 cubic feet


  • Pricing is based on the amount of material and weight of the load; all listed prices are rough estimates and do not include GST.

  • All prices include up to 1 tonne of dumping fees. Weight above 1 tonne will be charged at a pro-rated amount of $83/tonne.

  • Removal of items from inside residence may be subject to additional labour charge

Single Item (Curbside)

Do you have an unwanted single item such as a couch, mattress, television, or entertainment unit? 



Have a few items to get rid of?

(8' x 4' x 2-4') – 64 to 128 cubic feet


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Property Management Services

Single Item(s) Pickup

We offer site clean-ups, removing large trash items such as TV's, couches, or mattresses left by the trash bins. We can also remove construction debris, or those old fridges and stoves that are being replaced. We leave the sites completely free of unwanted junk making your property safe and looking its best.


Give us a call and we will be there within 24 hours. 


Suite Clean-outs

Have you had a tenant pickup and abandon their apartment or suite? Do you need to rent that apartment/suite out again in a hurry? We will take care of removing all furniture, debris, and any unwanted items left behind at an affordable cost. Fast and efficient, most apartments/suites can be cleared out in a few hours!


Call us today to get a quote or to book a suite clean-out.



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Great for renovation materials, yard debris, or getting rid of excess

furniture when getting ready to sell your home.

We offer trailer rentals for your weekend projects. A dump trailer will be dropped off Friday evening or Saturday morning and removed during the day on Monday. If you fill the trailer before Monday and you require another trailer, we will gladly replace the full one with an empty one so you can continue with your project.


Weekend Trailer Rentals

  • Includes up to 1 tonne of dumping fees. Extra fees will charged at a pro-rated amount of $81/tonne. Prices do not include GST.

  • Hazardous waste is not to be put into trailer. If needing to dispose of these items (paints, batteries, oils, etc.) they can be disposed of separately for an additional cost.

  • Minimum charge will be collected upon delivery of trailer/bin to location. Additional charges will be invoiced via email.

Weekend Rental

(single load)


Additional Load

 (same weekend)


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